About Us

In Trioti Media House we believe that everyone has the freedom to live an easy and convenient life. That’s why we have to come up with Triotinaija Shop, a subsidiary of Trioti Media House, to provide a solution that will make life easy and fun. Be it Cinema Movie Tickets or Event Tickets we got you covered.

Triotinaija Shop was founded to provide solutions to the myriads of problems confronting event organisers and promoters in Nigeria. Part of its objectives is to create a very reliable and an easy-to-use ticketing platform, both online and offline for events managers, promoters and events attendees.

We also offer moviegoers a quick and convenient way to purchase tickets online, along with enhanced services including print-at-home ticketing and much more

We strive for the continuous improvement of our services in order to make your experience with us as pleasant and productive as possible.